Masonry Restoration in Gladwyne

From minor repairs to a home’s brickwork to major restorations of historic commercial buildings in the Gladwyne area, Paul McDermott Masonry INC’s expert masonry restoration services have helped all types of buildings extend their service life for many years. Though masonry construction has a reputation for standing strong for hundreds of years, any stone, brick or concrete surface is bound to deteriorate, weaken and lose its original beauty. Dirt, oil, smog, pollution, biological growth and a swath of other things can crack mortar joints and detract from the integrity of the surfaces. Luckily, restoring masonry work that has begun to show signs of wear and tear is as simple as getting in touch with Paul McDermott Masonry INC.

Paul McDermott Masonry INC should be the first and only people you contact when your Gladwyne residential or commercial building requires masonry restoration. Masonry restoration is slow, tedious work that should only be reserved for trained artisans. It is by no means a simple task if you want it done right, which is why our attention to detail oriented process is the most trusted in the area.

To find out more about how Paul McDermott Masonry INC can breathe new life into your Gladwyne home or business with our expert restoration services, give us a call today.

Preparation and Planning

One of the most important aspects of any masonry restoration project is the preparation. In order to successfully complete the task at hand, we need to inspect the site to see what we’re up against. Once we see the extent of the damage that needs restoring, we will develop a plan to restore your building in the safest possible manner. True craftsmen understand that there are risks involved in every restoration project, not just for the laborers but for any visitors or people passing by. By making sure that we are operating within the necessary safety regulations at all times, we can proceed with our work with confidence.

Once we have developed a plan and prepared the site for the restoration process, the next step involves preparing the joints for restoration. We start by cutting the joints back with a diamond or carbide blade, cutting down on labor and leaving the brick or block damage free.

The Right Mortar Mixture

Mortar performs many functions within a wall system. It is the cushion between the units, it is the weather resistant barrier and it keeps the strength of the unit. Given its important purpose, it is important to note that not all mortar mixtures are made equal. Your building is unique and therefore its mortar needs are unique as well.

This is where Paul McDermott Masonry INC’s experienced masonry professionals are such a huge asset. They can quickly identify the right mixture your building needs to restore its strength and beauty for years to come.

From there, the slow and tedious task of pointing will begin. The size of your building’s joints will determine the size of tools we use. Good thing our team has a variety of different of tools on hand to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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