Brick Pavers in West Chester

When customers approach your commercial building, its design makes an impression. Well-maintained grounds attract interest and business. Cohesive architecture and lush greenery can be the deciding factor to whether clients choose your company or not.

Paul McDermott Masonry INC’s landscape paver designs and installation services improve the look and value of commercial properties. For years, we have served businesses of all sizes in West Chester. We stand by our superior craftsmanship and quality customer service. Trust our expertise for your paving stone projects!

Our Experienced Contractors Pave the Way to Excellence

Commercial properties have unique needs when it comes to paving stone installations. Commercial walkways and other hardscaping features see more traffic than their residential counterparts. And commercial projects are often much larger in scope.

Before each project, we'll ask you some questions to learn more about the project's demands. Will the business stay open during construction? What is the projects timeline? Are there environmental hazards to consider?

Because of all these considerations, it’s important to hire skilled, licensed professionals. We have a dedicated team to help you find the most effective planning solutions for your commercial property. By investing in a job well done, you increase the value, function and aesthetic appeal of your grounds.

Our Innovative Outdoor Paving Solutions

The design possibilities of brick and concrete pavers are almost endless. Interlocking pavers add texture and interest to patios. Brick pavers can bring harmonious symmetry to pathways or can separate areas on your property without the need for hedges and fences. Walkway and driveway pavers can structure the way clients interact with your landscape—the possibilities are endless!

If your property is sloped or uneven, we’re equipped to handle it. Our engineers know how to work on any terrain. We’ll help you make the most of all areas of your property. Our pavers also prevent soil erosion and help you manage water runoff. Adding retaining walls that match the paving stones is another great way to expand your usable area.

Our Commercial Paving Stone Installation Process

Each of our outdoor paving projects begins with a detailed plan. We perform a thorough assessment of your property to determine where and how water travels through your grounds. We can’t control when the rain falls in West Chester, but we can make sure it doesn’t damage your property. Once we determine slopes and materials, we can calculate the pavers cost.

After we’ve signed the paperwork and given you proof of our license and insurance, it’s time to start the project. We’ll remove unstable soil to prepare the sand base and get the restraint ready. Then we lay the pavers precisely where they need to be according to the design specifications. Once everything is in place, we’ll finish the interlocking process with more sand. We also offer optional sealing services for added protection.

All this begins with a phone call. If you’re looking for professional outdoor paver expertise, trust Paul McDermott Masonry INC. We’ll give you the West Chester hardscape of your dreams. That’s our promise!