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Paul McDermott Masonry INC’s Block Work

When it comes to laying the concrete or cement blocks on your construction site, you need to work with a professional—and not just any professional. You need to seek the services of a masonry contractor that understands all the facets of their trade. That is where Paul McDermott Masonry INC comes in.

Offering residential and commercial concrete block construction services, we pledge to install your concrete and cement blocks with seamless precision.

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Only the Best in Block Work

When the people in our community need concrete or cement block work, they contact us—and for good reason. With our fast turnarounds to our great rates, we don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. Clients refer us to their colleagues and our professional peers look to us for inspiration.

We have experience crafting structures of all varieties.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Partitions
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Foundations
  • And more

Taking Pride in Our Work

We stand by the materials that we use—and our clients do too. Whether you’re concerned with block density or the concrete’s thermal characteristics, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with the concrete blocks within our reach.

Count on our materials for:

  • Great density
  • Desirable load-bearing characteristics
  • Grade-A appearance
  • Excellent handling properties
  • High U-values
  • And more

Repairing Your Block Work

The durability of our block work does not make it immune to damage. Accidents and lack of maintenance can sometimes result in cracks that compromise the integrity of a foundation. In times such as those, we are just a phone call away. We might replace portions of the block work or simply apply concrete to the gaps.

Would you like to learn more about our masonry services? Do not hesitate to call our offices.

Masonry Services and Customer Service

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading masons in the community. We have ascended the ranks by never failing to provide stunning results in a swift fashion—but that’s not all. Clients look to us for assistance because they’ve heard about our commitment to quality customer service.

From the start of your project to the final stages of the inspection, we pledge to give you our full attention. Our professional yet personable are always eager to answer a client’s questions.

Efficiency Saves You Money

Some people think that delays and setbacks are unavoidable. Not us. Here, we aim to introduce efficiency to every stage of the building process. From the sourcing of the materials to the management of our crew, we make sure to cover all of our bases to avoid downtime. Our approach saves you both time and money. Could there be anything better?

Call the Concrete Contractors Today

When you want stunning results that stand the test of time, look no further than our masonry contractors. Much like our concrete and cement block, we can handle anything. Request our services by calling (610) 772-3216 today. We cannot wait to serve you.


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